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I Have A Question Fund

I Have A Question Fund

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) invites bids from full members for grants from its new ‘I Have a Question Fund’. The association has established the fund as part of the LEEA’s strong commitment to lifting standards worldwide.

What is it?

This important new fund offers full members, who wish to better understand a challenge currently faced in or by the industry, the chance to gain a ‘cash match’ from LEEA for a piece of research into the issue.  Full members can also bid for consultancy support from the LEEA team. 

LEEA’s offer:

LEEA will offer a cash match grant to full members who successfully apply to the I Have A Question Fund on the basis of a minimum 50% contribution from the applicant member.

Members can also bid for consultancy support in terms of consultancy days, so LEEA will simply provide support for YOUR project rather than have an open-ended commitment. 

LEEA anticipates grants being no larger than £10k and is particularly keen to support requests for £2k to £5k. There will be no further grants in 2019 once the fund is exhausted. 

Commercial developments made on the basis of research are solely the bidders’ and LEEA will have no call on them.

LEEA’s expectations:

A grant from the I Have a Question Fund is not a loan, or a share-holding, or an investment to develop a commercial solution, or a blank cheque. As a not-for-profit organisation, LEEA has a few very simple expectations for successful bidders:

  • To provide headlines of your findings, which LEEA reserves the right to publish
  • An interview for publication either in the LEEA Bulletin or TLE magazine
  • The findings of the co-funded research will be available to all
  • Bidders may be asked to present on their project at LiftEx.

How to apply:

Download the application form here and submit it to:

Any questions on the application process should be directed to

Applications will be assessed initially by three members of LEEA’s senior team.  The LEEA Board will then assess applications passing this gateway. Applicants will be informed within 31 days of receipt of the application.